5 Reasons Why Live Video Interviews Are a Must in 2019

The 5 Reasons Why Digital Video Interview Software is a Must in 2019:

Our video highlights enhancing candidate experience, boosting efficiency, and expanding competitive advantage.  All which add up to reducing costs.

According to “Human Resources Today ” Live Video Interviews & Candidate Experience are two of the top 5 trends.

So how does a Live Video Interview qualify as a must have? Here are 5 stats that address the top human resources trends:

1. 57% of applicants prefer live video interviews. 34% prefer in-person interviews while ONLY 9% prefer one-way pre-record video assessment tools.

Pre-recorded assessments aren’t a favorite of recruiters and hiring managers either. While they may save travel time, they don’t save processing time. Videos must be watched in their entirety so as to not miss any information. A live conversation can allow for adjustments on the interview length depending on the compatibility of the candidate.

2. Live Video Interviews are 6X faster than phone interviews. A 5-minute live video interview is equal to a 200 question written assessment.

Written assessments do not appeal to all demographics. With Millennials and Gen Z making up over 60% of the workforce and as a result recruiters and hiring managers are seeking new tools to connect with the workforce. Live video interviews allow applicants to show their skill set, conduct real role-playing, and have a positive experience.

3. Reduce the cost per hire by up to 2/3 and save up to 70% of hiring manager resources.

A video interview platform allows for more judicious hiring decisions with more applicants. The increase in quantity and quality of candidates along with efficiency gains lead to cost reductions.

4. 54% of Candidates say scheduling an interview at a convenient time is paramount.

Competitive advantage comes in one way due to a connection to passive candidates. Passive candidates are employed and therefore cannot take off time from work.  A video interview allows them to converse with a recruiter or hiring manager during their breaks or at lunchtime.

5. 80% of job seekers say they would take one job over another if they built a personal relationship during the interview process.

If they are interviewing with you, they are interviewing with others. Stand out during a video interview vs. your competitors who are doing phone interviews. The candidate is interviewing the company, just as much as you are interviewing them. Make the first impression a memorable one with a positive experience.


Learn more on how to get started with Live Video Interviews and plug it into your existing hiring and recruiting process.

We use the word software, but our video interview product is more of a video interview platform, or SaaS platform.  There is no need to buy or host expensive technology. No high cost of paying per assessment, just plug the technology into your existing hiring process and go. We have pricing information here

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