About One Touch Video Chat

One Touch Video Chat was founded by Industry Executives FOR Industry Executives. These three amigos have known each other for years, worked together, collaborated and now they have teamed up permanently to drive change in the video chat industry. Our executive team is no stranger to technological innovation, either by running large Fortune 500 companies or starting their own companies. The seasoned executive team has founded 9 previous startup companies prior to One Touch Video Chat.

The creation of One Touch Video Chat
was driven by our passion about these 3 things:

  1. To enhance memorable customer experiences to drive loyalty.
  2. To help businesses strengthen customer experience and sales while providing convenience.
  3. To educate the industry on consumer communication trends and why mobile video chat is here!

Entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in our veins. Our corporate culture is built on this foundation from the top down. Our philosophy is nothing is impossible and we have a lot of fun disapproving “nah-sayers”. Not only do we provide exceptional experiences through our video chat technology, our employees drive exceptional experiences with our clients.

We value open communications, honesty, and trust. We didn’t get this far without awesome relationships with great people. Every day we strive to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients, prospective clients, employees, and vendors.

Everyone on our team is passionate about what we do, we wake up every day loving it! We think BIG and act BIGGER!
If we have the pleasure of working with you, you will see these instilled values every day:

  • To be the best vendor our clients ever had, to be the best boss our employees have ever had and to make it the best job they have ever had!
  • To learn and grow every day. To be better today than we were yesterday. To teach and to listen!
  • To build honest and open relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  • To innovate fast and drive change faster.
  • To wake up each morning passionate and having FUN at what we do.

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