Hiring and Developing Leaders vs. Managers

Leader vs Manager – an In-Depth Conversation

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Amy Riccardi, Founder, and CEO of Leadership Evolution Group and the Chief People Officer of HCM2020, and Caroline Werner, Senior Vice President, Global Talent for Korn Ferry.

Amy Riccardi who is the Founder and CEO of Leadership Evolution Group and the Chief People Officer of HCM2020. For 18 years she’s been working with CEOs and executives to fix complex people problems in organizations. A critical factor in the success of these programs is the leadership capability of the CEO. To address this issue, she’s writing a book titled, Leadership vs. Management: Leadership essentials you must master in 2020 and beyond. The book is coming out in October.

Caroline C. Werner is the Senior Vice President, Global Talent for Korn Ferry based in the company’s Dallas office. Caroline also leads the organization’s internal Talent Acquisition function providing pre-boarding, recruitment and onboarding strategy and delivery globally. Before joining Korn Ferry, she spent seven years in progressive Human Resources roles with another major executive search firm. In her last role with the firm, Ms. Werner was the Director of Global People Operations and served as the HR business partner to the global corporate and executive teams.

Listen in on this episode as we talk about what it means to be a leader vs a manager:

  • Leadership is one of the defining qualities of success and a critical issue among organizations. How do you differentiate being a leader vs a manager? Amy speaks to her 25 years of experience in management consulting to answer that question.
  • Are leaders born or can you create them? Carrie and Amy talk about their perspectives on if you’re born a leader or not. We dive deeper into culture fit, the grit of employees and making the right decision during the hiring process.
  • What are some qualities of a leader vs a manager look at during the hiring process? Amy discusses the types of questions leaders vs managers would ask their interviewer. A forward-thinking leader will ask about the future – a manager would ask about the process. Learn more about how to distinguish leaders vs managers during the recruitment process.
  • Having a balanced organization is critical, as Amy states in the podcast, you can’t have a whole bunch of chiefs and not enough Indians. When hiring from within how do you decide who will be the next leader vs a manager? Listen as she describes why feedback from others within the company is so important.
  • Did you know 75% of the C-Suite will be Millennials by 2020? Hear about how the change of organizational structure and philosophy will change with new Millennials and Gen z employees enter the workplace. Gen Z’s are in the workforce already, and more are coming. Find out from a recent survey, do Gen Z’s want to be managed by Millennials or Gen X?
  • Hear Amy give her ingredients to creating a kick-ass culture. She gives an introspective look at the culture within an organization and explains how important that is.
  • We talk with Caroline Werner about her role at KornFerry. With over 10,000 employees in 80 countries, how do you hire for future leaders and managers? She speaks about how good leadership for an organization works like a pyramid, managers create a solid foundation at the base.
  • Listen as we talk about how critical retention is. In today’s competitive candidate-driven market, how do you reduce attrition and retain employees? Caroline shares her advice on training managers and how to get these employees to buy into the company culture.
  • As more or Gen Z and Millennials move into the workforce, some Millennials having been managers and looking to that next leadership role, how does training need to change to fit these demographics? Is this why most HR leaders have a strong roadmap for learning and development for their workforce? What do you put in place that are going to appeal to this new diverse, multigenerational workplace? Hear Caroline and Carrie discuss the answers to these intriguing questions.
Check out Amy Riccardi at Leadership Evolution. And be sure to read the new article from KornFerry, Teaching Workers: An Afterthought?.
Download the eBook, “Reach & Recruit a Passive Front-Line Talent Pool”, mentioned in this podcast on Live Video Interviews.
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