3 Reasons Logistics Companies Should Implement Video Interviews Now

Logistics companies should implement Video Interview Hiring to reduce hiring time, lower costs, and grab better quality candidates. If you’re a hiring manager for a logistics company, you know your hiring process is different than other industries. Your business must hire many remote employees, which makes the process tedious and expensive.  But live video interviews can narrow your hiring funnel by eliminating unnecessary steps that cost your business time and money.

Competitive Advantage of Video Interview Hiring

In addition, logistics companies should implement video interviews because your business will gain a unique competitive advantage. To develop an effective hiring strategy, you need to think of candidates as consumers.

This is especially true among Millennials, who will make up over 75% of the labor force by 2022.

Moreover, 80% of people would choose a job based on the personal relationship formed in during the interview. Therefore, job seekers want a more personalized connection with hiring managers.

Unfortunately, conventional hiring methods, such as phone screens, cannot create the authentic connection that applicants are looking seeking.  For this reason, logistics companies should implement video interviews because this platform can produce the personalized experience that candidates want. Incorporating video chats into your hiring process can not only give your company an advantage over the competition but it’s faster than “old-school” hiring methods and more cost-effective.

Deflate Costs

According to the 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report, the average time to fill a position is 42 days at an average cost of $4,129.

But live video interviews can cut the hiring timeframe in half.

More importantly, logistics companies should implement video interviews because reducing the hiring timeframe will save the entire company money. Meaning video interviews can slash the average hiring cost from 4K to 2k, saving your company over $1000 per hire.

 Reduce Travel Time for Hiring Managers

Logistics companies should implement video interviews because this innovative platform will not pull hiring managers from their daily operations. Many logistics companies hire remote workers. But not every company can repeatedly shell out travel expenses. Instead of schlepping across the country, you can interview applicants from your laptop. Furthermore, hiring managers can quickly conduct candidate interviews en masse, giving you the opportunity to pinpoint who’s the best applicant.

Download our Narrow the Hiring Funnel Infographic to learn more about live video interviews.