What Matters Most to Job Candidates in Selecting a Workplace (Assurance & EverythingBenefits)

The Most Important Benefits to Employees

In this episode of the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with human resources professionals Michele McDermott and Rachel Lyubovitzky about the most important benefits to employees

Michele McDermott, former Senior Vice President at Assurance, one of the largest and most awarded independent insurance brokerages in the U.S., consistently named a top place to work. At Assurance, Michele was responsible for maintaining the company’s “Best Place to Work” culture, driving the development of current and future leaders, and developing new programs that minimize risk and maximize health for the company’s employees.

Rachel Lyubovitzky is CEO and co-founder of EverythingBenefits, the leading provider of next-generation automated benefits technology that uncovers hidden costs, eliminates errors and helps keep companies compliant.

Listen in as we discuss topics surrounding selection criteria of employees and what they look for in a workplace.

  • Named one of the “Best Places to Work”, Michele McDermott of Assurance talks about how they create a culture built for success and employee engagement. How do you create a place where people want to wake up every morning and come to work? Listen as Michele talks about how remote working is a big draw for the younger demographics, Millennials and Gen Z’s. Assurance recognizes that today’s employees want to work differently and are committed to employees having work-life balance. Listen to what makes Assurance one of the best jobs for millennials.
  • What are some great recruiting strategies? A job description is often the first impression that a potential employee sees. Assurance’s job descriptions have a creative rockstar motif. Listen as we talk about how changing that job description can paint a better picture of your company’s culture. A job description doesn’t have to be a boring list of qualifications, how do you stand out from the clutter and speak to your ideal candidate culture?
  • How can your company attract younger demographics from Millennials to Generation Z and what are they looking for in a career? Michele talks about the changes she has seen in the types of things Millennials want in a job. From community involvement to flexibility and mobility, hear what it takes to bring in top talent from these younger generations. Since the average tenure is now down to an average of two years, how do you retain them in a great company culture?
  • Are you attracting talent? We talk with Rachel Lyubovitzky about the change in the type of benefits that Millennial employees are seeking. How can these new benefit types curve millennials job hopping?  Hear how employees these days are interested in benefits such as pet insurance and tuition reimbursement. What benefits can you offer to attract top talent from this younger generation?
  • Hear how the new employee onboarding process and questions from younger demographics are increasing the need for white glove HR support.
  • With 75% of the workforce being Millennials in 2020 and Generation Z also stepping into the workforce for the first time, should you change your benefits package to accommodate them down the road? As a technology first-generation, how should the delivery, communication, and support migrate to more digital and video first communication?
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