Live Video Interviews Narrow The Hiring Funnel: INFOGRAPHIC

Why Live Video Interviews Narrow The Hiring Funnel Infographicnarrow the recruiting funnel infographic

This infographic shows you why live video interviews narrow the hiring funnel saving you time, hard costs and increase the candidate experience. The digital job market is complex and competitive.  Both candidates and companies are trying to break through the noise and stand out.

Capture & Gain Competitive Advantage

71% of recruiters believe today’s job market is candidate driven.  And 53% of Millennials think the job market is employer-driven. Having a differentiator can make your company stand out. Most importantly, if you want to stand out to candidates in the hiring experience, live video interviews are more memorable compared phone interviews. Convenience is a huge factor for high-quality passive candidates, open to a new position. They’re working and have limited time to interact with potential employers. Candidates can schedule a video interview at their convenience with the added benefit of eliminating travel for the first screen.

Screen: Live Video Interviews are 6X Faster than Phone

Once candidates apply, recruiters need a way to increase screening volume to get quality candidates to the next round.  Live video interviews can reduce up to 70% of candidates passing to the next round. Moreover, the highest quality and best fit are from this pool of candidates. The decision maker in the next stage in the process, the hiring manager, can realize a good amount of time and cost savings.

Interview: Reduce Hiring Costs by up to 2/3

Due to the increase in quality screenings, hiring managers can decrease the time to hire by up to 14 days.  Any reduction in the timeframe, therefore, saves on costs for the entire company.  Furthermore, this is especially true when the highest quality and best culture fit candidates bubble up to hiring managers.

Hire on a Shorter Timeline with Less Expense

80% of candidates say they would take a job based on personal relationships formed during the interview process.

All of these perspectives on live video interviews add up to quality candidate experience, cost savings, and narrowing the hiring funnel.

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