Overcoming Hiring Manager Resistance to Video Interviews

Live video interviews are the future of recruiting and staffing across all industries. For hiring managers, this innovative platform can drastically narrow your hiring funnel, saving you time and money.

But certain individuals will always be resistant to change. “Old school” hiring managers are content to rely on time-tested (albeit time-consuming) hiring methods, such as traditional phone screens. However, overcoming hiring manager resistance to video interviews can be easy if you explain to them a few simple facts:

Live Video Interviews are 6x Faster than Phone Screens

Overcoming hiring manager resistance to video interviews is possible if you demonstrate how the technology can narrow the hiring funnel. Video interviews can cut a 60-minute interview in half. And that time will add up throughout the week. In addition, the ability to virtually chat with a candidate during the initial interview allows a hiring manager to make crucial observations.

In some cases, a candidate may have an impressive resume and may sound convincing enough on the phone. However, five minutes into the in-person interview, you know they lack enthusiasm and are not a culture fit. Video interviews put every applicant under the microscope to ensure that only quality candidates advance to the next round.

Reduce Hiring Costs by up to 2/3

The benefits of live video technology make overcoming hiring manager resistance to video interviews a cinch. Any reduction in the hiring timeframe will save on costs for the entire company. With the technology to increase quality screenings, hiring managers can decrease the hiring timeframe by up to 14 days. Therefore, this 21st-century solution provides the companies that use it an average savings of $1817 per hire.

The ROI Starts with the First Hire

Finally, investment in innovative technology is essential to business growth. But how fast can it recoup your costs? Industry standard numbers have calculated that the average cost per hire is $4,129. As stated above, live video interviews can save you $1817 per hire. As such, your company will experience a complete break-even at 2.6 hires!

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