Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video Interviews INFOGRAPHIC

Video interviews are quick, cost-effective digital recruiting tool that can help companies tap deeper into an ever-expanding talent pool. Unfortunately, time-honored hiring practices, such as phone screens, are unnecessarily time-consuming and require several rounds of interviews. But video interviews are a convenient recruiting tool that can narrow down this process into a few convenient steps.

But not all digital recruiting tools are the same.

Currently, there are two distinct types of video interviewing: Pre-recorded videos and live video interviews. So far, there has been scant research on the difference between pre-recorded vs. live video interviews.

  • Live video interviews are a game-changing digital recruiting tool that allows the employer and candidate to conduct a live-streamed video interview anywhere on the globe. Generally, companies that are interested in video interviewing technology have a decentralized hiring process or widely dispersed recruitment force. As such, this interview platform can provide remote, face-to-face interactions that help businesses secure a better grasp on a candidate’s character and credentials.
  • Pre-recorded videos have the applicant make a recording of themselves answering a set of pre-scripted questions. But the candidate has no interaction with a company representative. According to a study by Lighthouse Research, only 9% of candidates preferred pre-recorded video interviews. In the same study, live video interviews received 57% favorability.

Recently, industry buzzwords like “candidate experience” and “culture fit” have made their way through many boardroom meetings. These terms reflect a new reality for hiring managers and recruiters. The recovering economy means that candidates have more job options and companies need to do more to attract top talent. Therefore, a proper examination of pre-recorded vs. live video interviews should reflect the current recruitment conditions.

Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video Interviews InfographicPre-Recorded vs. Live Video Interviews: The Candidate Experience

Interested in video interviewing?

First, you need to understand how the “candidate experience” affects your business.

  • Candidate experience: used to describe an applicant’s perception of a company’s hiring process. 80% of job seekers said they would take one job over another based on the personal relationships formed during the interview process.

If your interview process is time-consuming and inconvenient, candidates may decide to move on to your competitors. Yet, video interviews can help streamline the hiring process. However, in the discussion between a pre-recorded video interview vs. a live video interview, which digital recruiting tool offers a better candidate experience?

Live video interviews encourage and facilitate a long-distance conversational exchange between the employer and candidate. This feature is vital for companies that are looking for more economical ways to engage and attract top performers.


Pre-Recorded vs. Live Video Interviews: Culture Fit

Because of high turnover costs, hiring candidates who don’t jive with your current system can be an expensive mistake. Companies cannot afford the high-cost of bad hires!

  • According to research by CareerBuilder, 41% of employers estimated that a bad hire could cost $25,000.
  • A Harvard Business Review study indicated that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

What is a culture fit in the workplace?

  • Culture fit: means a candidate’s and an employer’s values and beliefs are in alignment. A study found that 60% of recruiters say culture fit is the most crucial factor in deciding to hire.

Companies interested in upgrading their recruitment process need a user-friendly platform that can help them to hone in on a candidate’s cultural compatibility. However, does ‘culture fit’ have a place in video interviews?

  • Live video interviews allow you to see how candidates “think on their feet” and react in real-time. This innovative interviewing technology enables employers to better identify a cultural fit. In fact, five minutes of live video interviewing has the same predictive effect as a traditional 200-question assessment.
  • Pre-recorded videos could help you to identify some cultural cues. However, with this recruiting tool, it’s impossible for the interviewer to ask follow-up questions. And, unfortunately, a hiring manager or recruiter could misread a candidate. Moreover, there is no way to tell if a candidate is giving a rehearsed or disingenuous performance for the camera.

A close study of the struggle between a pre-recorded video interview vs. live video interviews has brought the truth to light. In sum, live video interviews clobbered the competition, beating out pre-recorded videos by providing a lethal combination punch of equal parts candidate experience and culture fit.

Other Benefits From Live Video Interviews

At the click of a button, live video interviews can save you time and money. Furthermore, traditional hiring processes are bothersome and unnecessarily expensive.

  • The average cost per hire to over $4,000.
  • The average fill rate for a position is 3-4 weeks

For many companies, the traditional hiring process was spent on travel, logistics, and paperwork – not candidates.

To download the full Infographic. Any interview method should be a two-way street. A pre-recorded video interview is unnatural and awkward. In addition, they will likely require a follow-up conversation that further prolongs the time to hire. However, live video interviews can reduce hiring cost by 2/3 and is three times faster than conventional hiring methods. Moreover, this innovative recruiting tool can narrow the fill rate by 7-14 days and save at least $2,000 per hire. These features make the fight between pre-recorded vs. live video interviews is hardly a fair at all. Live video interviews are a knockout!!


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      Yes, prior to conducting live video interviews with approved candidates, recruitment videos can be great for digital recruiting.