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Staffing and recruiting video chat technology is the future of hiring and recruiting across any generation. To develop a solid staffing and recruiting strategy, it’s important to look at your job candidates as customers. Some believe the same emphasis should be put on candidate experience as customer experience. While 86% of Recruiters feel like it’s a candidate-driven market, 62% of Employers feel it’s a candidate-driven market. Regardless of which of those numbers you believe, most of all, employers and recruiters both must differentiate themselves in the market.

Job candidates are looking for personalized connections to hiring managers and recruiters alike to see the authenticity of the potential company that is going to work for. Live video chat connections during the interview process are critical in creating these personalized and authentic connections. Furthermore, 80% of people would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process.
Using staffing and recruiting video chat solutions throughout the interview and hiring process allows you to get better candidates, faster and more cost-effective.

While many tools exist for a candidate to pre-record video questions and this can be better than answer questions online or over the phone, it still does not allow the human connection or being able to evaluate the candidate as if they were sitting in front of you at an in-person interview. Most noteworthy, the average time to fill a position is 42 days and the average cost per hire at $4,219, according to the 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report. Since, what is not taken into account in these numbers if the additional costs in both time and money for everyone in the hiring journey that has to interview, evaluate and take part in the hiring decision. As a result, this can easily be 4x the hiring cost.

Using staffing and recruiting video chat solutions not only benefits the actual recruiter or HR personnel, it benefits everyone that touches the job candidate in the process. By allowing the job candidates to do a video interview while they are on their lunch break or sitting in their car at their current job brings you a higher caliber of a candidate who cannot afford to take off work for multiple interviews. In conclusion, getting the candidate interested in the company to get the time off for physical interviews is just as much selling as it is the qualification.

After the initial pre-qualification process, there is a series of supervisor and/or manager interviews that need to take place across many candidates. This process continues for weeks and consumes hours of management time. Allowing these hiring managers to do video chat interviews for the initial qualification saves time and money for both the company and the job candidate.
It is important to today’s digital customer, that companies are showing candidates both authenticity and technology innovation of what it would be like to work for the company. Most of all, staffing and recruiting video chat technology allows the highest engagement, the lowest cost while increasing the quality and reach of candidates.

Candidate Interactions & Experience Comparison

In-Person Interview
Phone Interview
Video Interview
Candidate Convenience
Company Costs
Candidate Engagement
Candidate Experience



Increase engagement while reducing the cost per hire. Provide a better candidate and hiring manager experience.


Allows you to have virtual video job fairs when the recruiters and hiring managers are not in the same location as the prospective candidates. Reduce the time and effort for on-site job fairs and increase candidate quality through higher accessibility.


Provide innovative tools for hiring managers to do initial interviews through video chat. Evaluate and narrow candidates faster and more cost effective.


Market, recruit and hire faster through virtual and live video interviews. No longer do recruiters and hiring managers need to be onsite. Save travel costs and resource time.


Provide video HR services to remote locations that do not have on-site HR support. Reduce costs for hiring additional HR resources while providing through a centralized location. Improve your employee retention and be authentic.


Find out more from a candidate in a 5-minute live video interview than a 200 question assessment. Bring in higher quality candidates, faster!

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