Recruitment Challenges: High Growth Hiring Pains (Ridecell, Health-Ade Kombucha)

Recruitment Challenges: High Growth Hiring Pains

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Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, brought to you by Live Video Interviews. During this podcast hear host, Carrie Chitsey, talk with Gelena Sachs (VP of People at Ridecell and Deborah Moroz (Chief Human Resources Officer of Health-Ade Kombucha). 

Gelena Sachs is the VP of People at Ridecell. Trusted leader and change agent with a broad perspective on best practices from leading companies listed as Fortune’s Best Places to Work. A champion for empathy and kindness. On a mission to transform the world of work. Proven track record in building and developing high-performing teams and organizations. 

Deborah Moroz is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Health-Ade Kombucha. She is a senior HR leader who specializes in supporting organizations through change, including during times of fast growth. Trusted culture guru whose HR expert witness and employment law practices serve as the foundation for emphasis on litigation prevention and compliance. Ms. Moroz is currently writing a book about how to realize an ideal corporate culture.

Listen to “Recruitment Challenges: High Growth Hiring Pains” as we discuss: 

  • Let’s talk about mid-sized companies’ hiring pains. What are they and what do Deborah Moroz and Gelena Sachs believe are some of the challenges they see in their hiring process today. From ATS (applicant tracking systems) and sifting through job boards to finding the right combination of digital HR technology and human connection. Listen to what these HR professionals pick. 
  • What is your current recruiting process? Deborah talks about the importance of having a strong organized hiring process established and maintained for your company. She explains how this leads to your talent acquisition team making the best decision and hiring the right qualified candidate for the job. 
  • What recruiting strategies does Health-Ade Kombucha implement to select candidates that they know will be a culture fit? They conduct what they call an executive “culture interview”. Since the leadership team has placed a strong emphasis on being involved in this interview, Carrie wants to understand more what it entails. What exactly happens in this culture interview? Deborah explains what they look for and how they ask questions to pinpoint if their overall value system is a match. 
  • Why does Gelena Sachs not like the term “culture fit”. She talks about how she asks her hiring managers to look for the cultural add. You should be looking at what cultural gaps will that candidate fill for the company. Should you be looking past culture fit and look further at culture add? Does culture fit mean we’re looking for just the same people we have? Listen to find out. 
  • How does your company embrace culture from a distance? You may be looking at expanding into parts of Kooning, India like Ridecell. Gelena talks about how you need to localize your culture values for that specific country or region. 
  • Hear the advice Gelena and Deborah would give to HR professionals going through HR high growth scaling. For companies that don’t have the best and most expensive recruitment software, they must work leaner. What are some of the tools that helped Health-Ade Kombucha and Ridecell? The guests highlight the importance of staying organized and looking to add more automation to your hiring process. 
  • Deborah gives insightful advice on the three key components you should have in place to make sure you have a scalable company culture during high growth. Listen to find out what those three key components are. 
  • What is the number one thing candidates are seeking beyond signing bonuses, ping pong tables, and free meals? Deborah and Gelena talk about how giving employees the chance to learn, grow and evolve their skills is a great draw for top talent.
  • From making sure their employees have a purpose to make sure a team stays grounded during high growth, Deborah and Gelena answer our favorite question – “What keeps you up at night?”. 
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