Why Video Interviews Save Travel Costs for Airlines and Transportation Companies

Hiring new employees has become a major challenge for many industries, including airline companies. In many cases, hiring managers or recruiters are in a different location from prospective candidates. This not only makes coordinating the initial phone screening problematic but also the in-person interview. As a result, these companies incur hefty travel costs since the recruiter must fly in to interview the candidate. But the solution can literally be at your fingertips!

Video Interviews Save Travel Costs

Video interviews will narrow your hiring funnel. The average cost per hire is well over $4,000. However, video interviews save travel costs for airlines because this technology allows you to centralize your hiring process. Live video interviews eliminate the need to pay for hiring managers to schlep across the country interviewing different folks. For example, it doesn’t matter if you’re hiring for a position headquartered in Kentucky, but your recruiter lives in Texas. The interview process will be the same as if both individuals were together in the same room.

Find Better Candidates

Live video interviews save travel costs for airlines and will help you pinpoint higher quality candidates. The ability to watch and observe the candidate early in the hiring process allows you to evaluate the person more thoroughly. Many candidates may have impressive resumes. And others can be smooth operators over the phone. But 30 seconds into the in-person interview, you know they are not a proper culture fit.

Moreover, because of budget constraints, old-fashioned hiring methods limit the number of candidates you can interview. You’re taxing resources every time you fly in a hiring manager to meet a candidate. So, naturally, you would want to limit the number of candidates to a practical number. But since video interviews save travel costs, you can interview more people, increasing the likelihood of hiring a high-caliber candidate.

Increase Candidate Experience

Nowadays, candidates are interviewing you as much as you are them. The convenience that live video interviews can provide will help you to stand out from your competitors. Furthermore, 80% of people would take a job over another based on the positive experience they had during the interview.

In addition, many of the best candidates may already be working for a competitor. However, they could be on the lookout for other opportunities. Not only does video interviews save travel costs but also reduces the scheduling hassle in the process. A candidate can do a video chat with a recruiter during a lunch break or before a shift. The fact that the company was able to coordinate so smoothly with a candidate’s schedule will get them excited about working for you.

All the benefits that live video interviews can provide will make your overall ROI a guaranteed net positive!

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