How to Create Virtual Job Fairs With Live Video Interview Software

How to Create a Virtual Job Fair with Live Video Interview Software

Are you looking to learn how to create a virtual job fair?  Perhaps you’re looking to open a new restaurant, manufacturing plant, or hotel? Virtual job fairs with live video interview software can help your company take the hassle out of hiring. This innovative recruiting strategy can broaden the candidate pool while saving you time and money.

What is a Virtual Job Fair?

Virtual job fairs with live video interview software are an easy recruiting strategy to quickly filling positions. Let’s say you’re opening a new hotel and must fill crucial positions within a few weeks. In this case, you will have different hiring managers. For instance, your chef will hire kitchen staff, while your director of operations will hire front-of-the-house staff. Problem is that maybe your new hotel is still under construction or your hiring managers are in separate locations.

However, virtual job fairs with live video interview software will not pull your team away from their daily operations. Instead of renting a physical space, your hiring managers can live video chat with applicants from the convenience of a laptop. In addition, you and your hiring managers can do quick video interviews en masse to find the best candidates. For a business that needs to hire quality employees pronto, virtual job fairs with live video software is a no-brainer.

The Candidate Experience

Video chat interviews are not only convenient for your business but are also expedient for the applicants. Some candidates already have jobs and may find it difficult to take time off from work. Virtual job fairs with live video interview software allow candidates to interview during a lunch break or right before a shift. This recruiting strategy can reach more candidates who normally would not have the opportunity to interview, some of whom may have more experience or better qualifications than others seeking the same position.

Want to see how the savings can add up? We created an ROI infographic with industry numbers to demonstrate a detailed estimate.

Virtual Job Fair Software is a recruiting strategy that benefits the employer and candidate alike.