Recruit & Interview Candidates Like It’s 2019: Live Video Interviews

It is becoming even more critical to embrace digital tools in business.  Recruiting digitally is just starting to catch up to other business processes in terms of innovation. Recruiters and hiring managers now need to think like marketers and customer service. This is especially true because the talent pool is expecting and choosing positions based on experience and personal relationships.

Hiring the right people is always a headache and one of the top expenses for a company. With the US average cost to hire over $4K, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Today’s digital candidate is interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. This makes first impressions critical. So how do you gain competitive advantage, get better quality candidates, reduce your hiring timeframe, AND save your recruiting, hiring managers & executives some sanity? Live Video Interviews!

…..NO not pre-recorded video assessments, not 200 question assessments, but live video as if they were sitting across the table from you. It’s 6x faster than phone interviews and can reduce the number of interviews by 70%. Join us to see the top use cases for companies to put this solution into your existing hiring process in days. And how you can get your ROI by 5pm tomorrow.

Hiring Webinar Agenda

  • It’s All About The Candidate Experience
  • Engaging the Millennial & Gen-Z Workforce (70% by 2025) + Grandmas Video Chat Too
  • The First Impression + Personalized Relationships Get “Offer” Accepts
  • What can you get from live video interviews vs. phone & assessments? The ROI Buckets
  • Virtual Job Fairs, Centralized Hiring, and Screening

Watch Here!

There is another webinar available on the importance of a candidate driven market. More technological tools are discussed in depth.  Perspectives from recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates are given for different digital interviewing tools. There is also a demo recording of how our live video interview platform works and how easy it is to use.