Work from Home Hiring Process Decisions

Better Candidates, Faster

The option to work from home has become an increasingly popular option for many companies. In 2017, 3.2 million people worked remotely for numerous top sector industries including, healthcare, IT, and finance. Moreover, working remotely has become a coveted benefit among Millennials, who will compose over 70% of the workforce by 2025. But hiring process decisions for these types of positions can be tricky business. However, video interviewing for work from home hiring can connect you with candidates anywhere in the country while saving you time and money.

Hiring can take an average of over 40 days at a cost of $4,129 pre-hire. Unfortunately, these figures can be larger for companies that remote hire. In some cases, you must rely on hiring managers or recruiters who are spread out across the country. Under this structure, traditional hiring process decisions, such as phone screens or flying in recruiters for in-person interviews, are costly. Yet, video interviewing for work from home hiring is 6x faster than phone screens, reducing the frivolous hassle. Furthermore, video chat interviews can cut hiring cost by two-thirds while helping you to secure high-caliber candidates.

 Virtual Job Fair

Video interviewing for work from home hiring is especially useful if you are hiring en masse. For this reason, many innovative companies have turned toward virtual job fairs for their hiring process decisions. It doesn’t matter if your scattered hiring team is in different locations. All you need is a laptop with a webcam and BINGO!

This is where video interviewing work from hiring differentiates itself from conventional hiring process decisions. Let’s say you’re a hiring manager in Austin. Also, you have recruiters stationed in Chicago and your hiring for business process outsourcing positions. You can advertise the virtual job flair for a specific time and date on your website or different online job boards. Next, your hiring team can connect to a video queue and conduct quick five to seven-minute interviews with a slew of candidates.

Virtual job fairs with video screens allow you to thoroughly observe and evaluate more candidates than with outdated hiring process decisions. Remote, face-to-face interactions can help you gauge each applicant’s true character and abilities. By cutting costs, reducing time, and reintroducing the human element into the hiring process, video interviewing for work from home hiring can ensure that only the best candidates will make it through the hiring process.

The ROI with live video interviews begins with the first hire.

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