Recruiting Millennials Without Getting Ghosted

How to Recruit Millennials

Recruiting Millennials can be tricky business. If you are a hiring or recruiting executive, you’re more than likely encountering this age group already. But did you know they will be over 70% of the workforce by 2025? So why should you be looking at live video interview software now?

Communication styles have changed generationally.  While phone calls are defacto now in recruiting and hiring, this wasn’t always the case.  In-person interviews were the standard. But times have changed and other platforms have made phone screens outdated. This old-school approach is a large time investment for both sides.  And phone screens can limit the candidate pool geographically.  Recorded video interviews have emerged as a solution to increase the candidate pool but they lack in one important way. They don’t fulfill the important aspect of building a relationship.  This is where Live Video Interviews bridge the gap and appeal to a growing segment of the workforce, Millennials.

Millennial Candidates require a different approach.

Personal connection, transparency, and authenticity are driving this age range in regards to their career search. 80% of Millennial job candidates say will take a job based on the relationship formed in the recruiting and hiring process. Knowing what is happening throughout the hiring process and getting feedback is also an important factor.  Career paths for the future and learning opportunities lend more authenticity to job prospects for this age range as well.

So these are some factors that entice Millennials to apply, but how do you screen more quality candidates? Candidates that are open to a change but already employed are typical of higher caliber but have more restraints on their time.  Don’t have barriers for these “satisfied but open to a change” candidates- they make up 51% of the workforce!  Millennial males make up even more of this group at 70%.  A Live Video Interview would allow “open for a change” candidates to interview at a convenient time that wouldn’t jeopardize their current position.

Get a competitive advantage by specifically focusing on Millennials, which many companies admit they are not doing. Experience is so important almost 60% of job seekers report having a poor candidate experience. Treat these job seekers as customers.  Providing new solutions such as a live video interview to help their job search and decision can solidify a good impression of a company.

Start recruiting Millennials without getting ghosted with live video interview software, learn more.

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