Top 5 Reasons Hospitals Need Live Video Interviews Today

Healthcare is a highly competitive industry, which can make recruiting and hiring an arduous process. With Millennials entering the workforce in droves, the time is now to get innovative with your hiring methods. In today’s Coffee with Carrie, we’re going to discuss the top 5 reasons hospitals need live video interviews today!

Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Digital Recruiting

The first reason is the competitive advantage this innovative platform can offer. Hospitals need live video interviews because this platform will differentiate you from your competitors. Attracting valuable candidates has become as competitive as the healthcare industry itself. With the unemployment rate at historic lows with the healthcare industry, you need a way to attract candidates.

Reduce the Fill Rate

Every recruiter and hiring manager knows that time is money. Hospitals need live video interviews to increase screening volume and get quality candidates to the next round.

Live video interviews narrow the hiring funnel saving you time and hard costs.

Live video interviews are 6X faster than traditional phone screenings. And because of the faster interview rate, video chats can decrease the hiring timeframe by 14 days. In addition, shortening the hiring timeframe will translate into reduced costs for the entire facility.

Better Quality Candidates

Hospitals need live video interviews to reach high-grade candidates. Video screenings will provide you the opportunity to make crucial observations during the first interview. The ability to see a candidate will allow you to know at once whether that person is the right fit. As such, you can reduce up to 70% of candidates in the initial screenings. Ensuring that only higher caliber candidates will pass on to the next round.

Candidate Experience

Personal connection, transparency, and authenticity have all become principal factors for applicants seeking a job.

And this is especially true among Millennials, who will gobble up 75% of the workforce by 2022.

Furthermore, 80% of Millennials would choose one job over another based on the personal relationship formed during the interview process. So, hospitals need live video interviews to reach out and attract this increasingly important demographic.

Geographic Reach

Finally, hospitals need live video interviews to broaden their reach beyond the local community. Some hospitals may have a limited candidate pool because of their geographic location and/or limited budget to fly in candidates. Video chat interviews can give you global access to an infinite number of candidates! You can interview an ER doctor in a rural town who wants to relocate or a heart doctor looking to get out the big city. In addition, you can see each candidates’ bedside manner, so you can decide immediately if you what them in front of patients.

Download our ROI Infographic to see the real cost-savings live video interviews can have for hospitals.